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  2. Cool it guys. Its okay. Choose whatever you like, and let others choose too.
  3. With all due respect, I understand opinions vary but Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard are classics for me.
  4. What exactly makes you think it is not a classic?
  5. We’re talking about classics here, not children's movies.
  6. Oh man, Jaws was an amazing movie! It has the thrill, but the movies released after the first part were not really that good to be honest.
  7. You guys may forget, but I cannot. Jaws is my best seen classic! It really scared me to the core. I started being afraid of sharks after I saw the movie. I still watch it sometimes to feel the rush you know.
  8. My all time favourite classic will be It’s a Wonderful Life! It was such a heartwarming movie. The movie restored my faith when I was in my most vulnerable condition.
  9. 12 Angry Men is my primary choice in the list of all time greatest classics. It is a genuinely good movie. You don’t grow tired of it.
  10. Guys, guys, Classic for me means Roman Holiday. A simple yet charming story. Have you all seen it?
  11. The Sound of Music is an all time great classic in my opinion. It is a beautiful movie. I am so fond of it, I cannot even describe!
  12. No man, only heard of them. Couldn’t make time. But I really wish to see more TV series.
  13. I love watching TV series. It has become my favorite pastime in recent years. I could add two more to this list, Dexter and Hannibal. Did you guys see these?
  14. Let us not forget Doctor Who and House. Those are some pretty amazing TV series as well.
  15. Keep showering the love guys, some amazing names I’m reading and I feel glad to tell you all that I have seen most of these series.
  16. I absolutely love The Office(US). It is so inspiring and funny at the same time. It is not your usual office but somewhere I would love to work!
  17. All in good time, Stormborn!
  18. I am very weak in this category, I think Braveheart is the only historical movie I’ve seen.
  19. Lawrence of Arabia has a really touching story.
  20. I have seen Spartacus. It is a nice movie without a doubt, but I cannot call it my favorite.
  21. I agree with you Big, Ben-Hur is a good movie, tell me your views regarding my favourite.
  22. Braveheart is a complete historical package. The entire duration of the movie is justified as it involves drama, action, and romance. A great watch! Irrevocably my favorite.
  23. The Bridge on the River Kwai was such a perplexing movie. It is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable historical movies ever made. Take my Nintendo for it!
  24. I haven’t seen many TV series or shows. I have to admit though that True Detective had me glued to the series. So intense! Nice casting too!
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