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  1. What exactly makes you think it is not a classic?
  2. You guys may forget, but I cannot. Jaws is my best seen classic! It really scared me to the core. I started being afraid of sharks after I saw the movie. I still watch it sometimes to feel the rush you know.
  3. Keep showering the love guys, some amazing names I’m reading and I feel glad to tell you all that I have seen most of these series.
  4. I am very weak in this category, I think Braveheart is the only historical movie I’ve seen.
  5. Braveheart is a complete historical package. The entire duration of the movie is justified as it involves drama, action, and romance. A great watch! Irrevocably my favorite.
  6. I know this is going to sound weird, but no, I would not state the obvious. My favorite TV series is not Game of Thrones, but How I Met Your Mother. Tell me yours!
  7. I have seen all the movies in this list, except for The Magnificent Seven.
  8. There’s this amazing western movie called Once Upon a Time in the West. Guys you can really consider it into your list. I suggest it based on your preference.
  9. The Matrix gave me a brand new outlook towards movies in general. Outstanding performance by Keanu Reeves.
  10. Tim Burton, David Lynch, Clint Eastwood are all there in the league of the Big Boys, but we certainly do have our preferences sorted.
  11. I love Quentin Tarantino. He has delivered great movies throughout the ages. Tarantino falls in the list of all time greats and tops my list!
  12. I can assure you that The Shawshank Redemption is one of the finest dramas ever made. Your opinions can differ, but I don’t mind that.
  13. It is getting impossible to choose a single movie out of vast ocean of hidden treasures.
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