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  1. My all time favourite classic will be It’s a Wonderful Life! It was such a heartwarming movie. The movie restored my faith when I was in my most vulnerable condition.
  2. No man, only heard of them. Couldn’t make time. But I really wish to see more TV series.
  3. I agree with you Big, Ben-Hur is a good movie, tell me your views regarding my favourite.
  4. I haven’t seen many TV series or shows. I have to admit though that True Detective had me glued to the series. So intense! Nice casting too!
  5. Spartacus remains my favorite historical watch till date. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend you see it soon.
  6. You should try. You could update me regarding the new version in case you decide to see it.
  7. I saw this movie called The Magnificent Seven, and I really liked the concept. I also heard that there is a new adaptation of the older version of this movie. I haven’t seen that though.
  8. Thinking of creating a Sci-Fi movie is one thing, and actually filming it is another. Visual effects is the real reason behind the revolution in cinema.
  9. I am not a huge Sci-Fi movie fan, but I like the movie Close Encounters. It was really nice and thrilling!
  10. I think my respect for you guys escalate each time you mention a name! I like the healthy conversations that we have. Great choices guys!
  11. Let us not forget the legendary Steven Spielberg since we’re discussing Directors. Life finds a way!
  12. Titanic is one of the greatest dramas ever made. Hands down! More than a love story it can be considered as the best drama film of the decade.
  13. Anyone remembers The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? I’m sure you all have seen it, given how mainstream the movie is. However, the story was unique.
  14. My vote goes to Gladiator. It was a great watch. I loved the movie thoroughly. It is my favourite drama movie till now.
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