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  1. Cool it guys. Its okay. Choose whatever you like, and let others choose too.
  2. The Sound of Music is an all time great classic in my opinion. It is a beautiful movie. I am so fond of it, I cannot even describe!
  3. I absolutely love The Office(US). It is so inspiring and funny at the same time. It is not your usual office but somewhere I would love to work!
  4. All in good time, Stormborn!
  5. The Bridge on the River Kwai was such a perplexing movie. It is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable historical movies ever made. Take my Nintendo for it!
  6. Django Unchained. I’ve seen very few good movies like it. Tarantino after all. The entire movie has such an amazing plot! Western movies were redefined with this one.
  7. The Directors and Cinematographers deserve enormous credit for bringing their imagination to life!
  8. I am Star Wars fan-girl. I can proudly tell you that I have seen each of the instalments in the series. The Force is with me, and I feel that I am no less powerful than Yoda! If Jurassic Park revolutionised movies, Star Wars justifies Science Fiction.
  9. We all do! As much as you all would like to disagree with me, but come on, really!
  10. I think we are missing someone out here. Christopher Nolan? Yes, he’s the one I trust my instincts with. A true gem of a director! Every movie he ever made, one word, Wow!
  11. You guys should really consider 12 Years a Slave into your list. This was a good drama that I came across after a long time.
  12. The list of crime movies, after reading the names here would go incomplete if I do not mention how much I like Fargo. It is a nice movie. It tops my list of crime movies.
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